Is a renowned foodie, baker, chef, entrepreneur, a perpetual nomad and environmentalist who speaks to plants. When she’s not taking short walks on the beach and gaslighting gas-guzzlers, she’s enjoying slow meals and world-building with her bestie and business partner Idilay.

She’s also studying plant medicine and water as a life and healing source.

She’ll mess with baretown till Netflix grants her a food show.


Idil Bilan

is a bear, who likes honey and being friends with animals smaller than her, like Ikram Ali. She enjoyed all of these things, before her more famous cousin Winnie copied her style, and sold Idilay’s life story to a kid named Christopher Robin.

Idil is an ex policy worker bee living in the Horn, writes/reads, is confirmed Otaku, enjoys relatable/ quirky bio write-ups, and is a multidimensional being on a journey of unlearning and compassion.